Friends membership card scanning - FAQs

Why is the RA scanning membership cards?
We are scanning membership cards to gain a better understanding of our Friends’ visitation patterns; which exhibitions they visit, the number of guests they bring and at what times, in order for us to regulate numbers and optimise the gallery viewing experience. As a charity we are extremely reliant on membership subscriptions to provide the necessary income to allow us to continue with our work and by scanning membership cards we will also be able to track and prevent fraudulent use of membership cards.

How will this affect my visit?
Just as you have done in the past, you need to have your membership card ready to show at the exhibition entrances and when entering the Keeper’s House. We are using handheld scanners to read the barcode and this will capture your membership number, the number of guests and the date and time of your visit. During busy times such as Friends Preview days, there may be short delays to enter the galleries and the Keeper’ House. To help avoid such delays, please have your card ready to show us.

Will I have to queue?
There may be times; especially on Friends Preview days when there are large numbers of Friends on site where there may be short delays to enter the galleries. We also anticipate that there might be queues to enter the Keepers House, please have your card ready to show to helps us avoid delays.

What information is held in the barcode?
There is no personal information held within the barcode so if your card is lost or stolen you do not need to worry that any personal details such as address or bank details have been compromised.

What will you do with the data you collect?
The information will be added to your membership record which is held on a secure database and will be used to understand visiting patterns. No personal information such as address or bank details will be collected or stored through the scanning of membership cards.



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